We are Kaitiaki Ora | Tactical Medicine New Zealand

We are a volunteer run, not-for-profit association of professional and volunteer tactical medicine practitioners. We draw on our experiences as first responders, military medics and healthcare providers to support developing and exisiting organisations to build their ability to respond safely to a tactical incident and maximise their ability to stop the dying.

Our Brand

Stylised Rod of Asclepius with Taiaha and Kea Wings: The symbol of health providers adapted for Aotearoa New Zealand. The Taiaha (M­āori weapon) represents the tactical nature of our medical response. The Kea (Mountain Parrot) wings represent the remote and austere environments we sometimes operate in and the role aeromedical retrieval has in swiftly delivering a tactical medical response and evacuating casualties to definitive care.

Pataki: The diamond motif drawn from a traditional M­āori dog skin cloak. Represents warriors, courage and strength.

Kaitiaki Ora

This phrase incorporates the Kaitiaki (guardian/ guard/ trustee/ keeper) and has been interpreted to mean those who care for the lives, health and well-being of tactical medical practitioners and civilians.

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